Projects and Installation

Prime Service fully provides the study, implementation and customization solutions to satisfy end-user needs.

This activity, connected to complexity of the environment, generally consists of three different phases:

  • first phase: aims to plan and dimensioning both in time and resources the implementation of the project;
  • second phase: is related to the installation and configuration of different components and the customization and integration necessary for the complete operation;
  • third phase: includes a series of tests, defined in the operational plan, to ensure adherence to design specifications and its efficient functioning and execution.

Networking and Security

All products distributed by Prime Service are network connected.

The company has a thorough knowledge in the design, configuration, installing and testing complex network architecture.

Particular attention is dedicated to the security both inside and outside local network.

Hardware Maintenance

Prime Service distributes products and appliances covered by a maintenance service on site for which there are several levels of service adaptable to the customers needs. The two main categories are:

  • 5x8 Next Business Day
  • 7x24 Always Available - response times that may reach 2 hours from the call.

Software Maintenance

Maintenance policies for software products adheres to it by different suppliers, in general, therefore, is offered a service `software update` that includes:

  • reporting the contents of the new releases and sending the relevant documentation;
  • management of `bug fixing` with the manufacturer.

Consultancy - Resident engineers

This service provides availability to the customer of resident consultants that monitor strategic and critical installations

For non interruptible services all the activities are supervised by remote assistance outside working hours.

Operations Management

Maintenance of Storage and Networks is often associated with tasks oriented to evaluate the overall performances of the environment. Analysis for optimization are more and more requested from medium-large organizations.

Customer Training and Product Coaching

Prime Service provides customer training courses on key customer issues.

The courses, conducted by experienced instructors and with operating experience, are geared to developing the skills necessary for organizing, managing and protecting data and are targeted to the training of individuals and groups, according to routes of growth and insights tailored to specific professional needs.



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