Prime Service s.r.l., ISO9000 certified, was founded in 1994 as a high level post sales customer service supplier for minicomputer systems in Milan area.

During the years the company has grown constantly improving the quality of service standards to keep customer needs and satisfaction high thereby obtaining recognitions from both end users and computer manufacturers.

The company has established offices in Rome and partner agreements in other Italian regions in order to guarantee the growth of business and coverage of the principal Italian IT areas.

All the employees are fully qualified and have obtained certifications for all the environments in which the company operates and continuously attend official brand training and update courses.

The main activities provided by Prime Services are installation, configuration, hardware maintenance parts replacement and verification, and on site technical software services including operating systems, standard or customized software applications.

Prime Service operates on multivendor customer architectures, such as stand-alone client and clustered systems in many LAN and/or WAN area network environments.

Maintenance services are supplied on many different levels including 24/7 services. Customized services can be delivered upon request and the assistance can be preventive and remotely monitored for all IT infrastructures especially for mission critical client-server applications including various and complex topologies

Prime Service is currently focused on three principals area:

  • server
  • storage
  • network infrastructure


Sede operativa:
Via Valle Isorno 7
20152 Milano
tel. +39 02 43415037

Sede legale:
via Anco Marzio 3
20123 Milano
(c/o Studio Larovere)


00142 ROMA
tel. +39 06 87650078